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Plastic Food Container


Take away plastic food containers are essential to many food establishments and home food business. We offer a range of options includes rectangular and round plastic containers along with multi-compartment containers, from small ones for condiments, sauces and toppings to large salad bowls. They are perfect for freezing those left overs or rainy days.

While our plastic take away containers can hold either hot or cold items, it’s important to consider if items will be microwaved later. Different applications call for different shapes and sizes when it comes to plastic food containers. You can find the right containers for all of your needs. Plastic microwavable take away containers are great options for sending dinner entrees, main dish and desserts home with your customers. These products can also be used as meal prep containers where you store ingredients until you are ready to cook them. Choose from our selection of clear, transparent, white or sleek black containers with compartments or even from bowls with hinged lids.

Features & Benefits

  •   The clear lid securely snap into place and protect your customers’ meals while retaining heat.
  •   Made of non-porous materials, they are perfect for both wet and dry ingredients.
  •   Microwaveable – customers can reheat leftovers in the same container conveniently.
  •   Clear lids keep food securely in place. Compartment choices – avoid flavor contamination.
  •   Perfect for holding your soups, stews, rice, side dishes, salads and many more.

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    Plastic Food Container 

    (Clear Transparent)

    Plastic Food Container


    Plastic Food Container